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“Jeffery is rare breed of speakers and coaches that has the unique ability to cut to the chase and get people the information and strategies they need to become hyper performers.” - John Assaraf
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The Procrastination Cure Will Help You...
  •  Root Cause: Uncover the root causes of procrastination
  • Procrastinator Types: Identify six procrastinator types
  •  Overcome Procrastination: Implement key strategies and practical solutions  for overcoming each procrastination type
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"Proof That 'The Procrastination Cure' Has ALREADY Dramatically Changed The Businesses And Lives Of Countless People Around The World!" 
From: Jeffery Combs
Stockton, California

Do you avoid errands, chores, and tasks frequently?

Do you put off making decisions because you feel overwhelmed emotionally?

Would you like to let go of your procrastinator identity?

You have the ability to change your life.
The impact overcoming procrastination can have on your life is immeasurable. It can assist you to change your finances, improve your relationships, change your health, improve your self-esteem, and so much more…

But only if you know how to identify the root causes creating your tendencies to procrastinate.
The Procrastination Cure Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?"

Susan Sly
"Coach & Author"
"He is so intuitive!"

In 2000, Susan was diagnosed with MS, her marriage fell apart, she lost her business and ended up homeless, living on her brother-in-law’s sofa. It was a humbling time in her life, especially with a three-year-old daughter.  Over the years, she came to the conclusion that in the face of challenge, you can either give up or get better. 

Through massive shifts in mindset, getting out of chaos, and making some bold decisions, she turned her life around. Today, she is an author, speaker, successful entrepreneur, 6-time Boston Marathon finisher, married to her great love and has 5 children. 
"Jeff brings unique original content!"

Joe is a former professional body builder achieving many titles such as Mr. Pennsylvania and Mr. Philadelphia. At the height of his success as a body builder, Joe found himself exhausted, disillusioned, struggling with financially and losing his family. Despite being in outstanding physical condition, he was ashamed of his appearance and felt enslaved by his relationship with food. Joe discovered that he was carrying emotional baggage from his childhood, adolescence, and even adulthood that also led to drug addiction. 

All that changed thanks to a simple but profound discovery… He began to uncover the root causes creating the effects in his life. Today, Joe’s life has been transformed in dramatic fashion. Joe is happily married with a teenage daughter. He is an entrepreneur in the wellness field and is a certified mindset coach. Joe assists others to overcome their own personal obstacles so they too can live a life of mind and body health and happiness.
Joe DiBianca
"Mindset Coach"
Dawn Ferrentino
"Mompreneur & Business Owner"
"Jeff is the master at breakthroughs!"

Dawn grew up surrounded by addiction in her home. At an early age, she took on the role as a caregiver and achiever. This continued into adulthood as she began to take on more roles until she hit a point where she knew something had to shift. After working as an accountant in the in public and private sector for over 27 years, Dawn was introduced to network marketing in 2012. Lack of time kept her juggling from one activity to the next but she was determined to produce results in borrowed time and spare time. 

She began working on the skills, habits, and mindset to become an entrepreneur. By the end of her first year, she had created 6-figures in her business. In the next 2 years, Dawn was able to create 7-figures, quit her jobs, allow her husband to retire and find financial freedom. Today, Dawn is a motivational speaker and upcoming author. She is a coach, mentor and support system to her clients and team.
"Because of Jeff, I have come full circle and let go of my baggage keeping me stuck!"
Michael is a former accountant turned attorney. He always had an interest in being his own boss because the corporate world did seem to agree with him. He entered into the world of real estate hoping to create the financial freedom for his family by creating residual income. After ups and downs in the industry, Michael started a health and wellness business with his wife where they could have an emotional impact on people’s lives. Michael and his wife collaborate with people committed to living a life based on balance and entrepreneurial prosperity.
Michael Coluzzi
"Attorney, Entrepreneur"
Jennifer Corliss Trinker
"Fitness Model & Business Owner"
"Jeff has been INSTRUMENTAL in my success!"

Jennifer was a fitness model for 20 years. She is a mom of two children and has a husband with a successful cosmetic dentistry practice. After years in the modeling industry, she wanted something more in her career. She wanted something to fuel her competitive nature and where she could be of service. 

In 2011, she started in the network marketing industry. By 2015, she had created a million dollars in her business cumulatively. In 2016, she became a 7-Figure Annual Income Earner. She was named the number one business builder for her company in 2016. Today, Jennifer is a consistent top enroller and works with an elite team of leaders.
As You Can See...
Jeffery Combs Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
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  •  There’s A Procrastination Epidemic…  it can only be eliminated if the underlying causes are uncovered  
  •  To Assist You To Create A New Identity… go from procrastinator to producer 
  •  Begin The Process Of Change… learn to let go of control 
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