Let Go And Be Empowered the Remainder of This Year With The 5 Assets for Success in 2022
If 2022 has not been your year so far, it unequivocally can be.
  • We are living in the most challenging times in world history. With all we're up against, each one of us has a choice:
  • A: You could phone it in, check out, and "wait 'till it all blows over"
  • B: Or you can Step Up, Let Go, and Produce!
Right now, it is imperative for you to be as well-equipped as possible to address the head-swiveling moments we're facing every day.

What exactly does it take to create the space for a breakthrough year for you?

It requires Letting Go.

Letting Go like you've never Let Go before.

Broken down into components, these are the assets that will set you up for a highly successful 4th Quarter:

The Top 5 Assets for Success in 2022

  • The Principles: Without a strong set of principles, you are winging it. The population is filled with addicted "wingers" who use hope as their strategy. The proper principles for prosperity are imperative to any success-seeker in 2022.
  • The Mindset: The greatest like you will ever tell yourself is that you are not good enough. Once you Let Go of this thinking, you require a new, healthy set of mindset wiring to assist you in scaling consciousness.
  • ​The Thought Process: Thinking the same thoughts you've been thinking for your whole life will get you exactly where you are right now. You require a whole new process of thinking if you would like to attract Quantum Leaps this year.
  • The Connection Factor: No man is an island. Yes, you can rely on yourself but success in today's economy is greatly facilitated by a team. If you are not a skilled connector, now is the time to develop that skill.
  • The Coach: Hiring a mentor is one of the greatest ways to shorten the path to success. Coaching is not a magic bullet, but mentoring under someone who has been where you seek to go can greatly speed up the process.
Considering these five assets for a successful 2022 finish can be head-swiviling in itself.

Stay with me, here.

Breathe, Release, and Let Go.

You are in the right place, on the right webpage.

This is exactly why I've decided to offer a unique marketing proposition for The Let Go Package.

Learn The Skills, Mindsets,
and Habits of Success

You deserve to learn the skills, mindests, and habits from someone who has created a multiple 7-figure business out of the comfort of his home for the past 24 years.

I happen to be that person and I am here to assist you.

Whether you've never coached with me before of have coached with me for multiple years...

The Let Go Package is virtually all you require to capitalize on what few months we have left this year.

The Best Products I've Ever Created

This package includes five of the best products I've ever created over my career.

The five products match up perfectly with the Five Assets for Success in 2022 I outlined above.

The Let Go Package Includes:
  • Principles For Prosperity 8 Module Audio Series to set the foundation for your continued growth and success. ($247 Value)
  • Mindset Consciousness 8 Module Audio Series to virtually create a new set of wiring in your brain. A new set of wiring focused on success. ($247 Value)
  • Quantum Leap Thinking For Quantum Results 4 Module Audio Series to install the thought processes that will allow for Quantum Leaps in your life. ($167 Value)
  • 7 Figure Connecting Secrets Short Audio Product containing the secrets to the skill that is connecting. This audio was specifically designed to replay over and over again for your own auto-suggestion. ($97 Value)
  • Jeffery Combs Inner Circle Coaching Access to 9 pre-recorded LIVE Coaching Calls from my Inner Circle program ($587 Value) Until now, this has only been offered to my one-on-one coaching clients.

Over $1,345+ in Value

The Let Go Package contains over $1,345+ in value.

Although that is far from what you will pay today.

Before I get to the price, there is one more piece of additional value I would like to offer you.

Like I outlined, The Let Go Package includes everything you need to access the Top 5 Assets for Success in 2022.

However, in today's world, they may not be enough.

Who knows what is in store for us tomorrow - or even an hour from now.

You would be much better equipped with an additional Asset for Success in 2022...

Bonus: The 6th Asset for Success in 2022

Yes, I am including a 6th Asset for Succes in 2022 in The Let Go Package.

It takes some serious breakthroughs to shake the old trauma bonds and panic patterns you hold onto.

Breakthroughs like you've never experienced before.

Which is why the 6th Asset for Success in 2022 is...

The Breakthrough Factor Online

You may know about my bestselling book The Breakthrough Factor published in late 2018.

What you probably don't know is I created a digital product on top of the physical book:

The Breakthrough Factor Online.

When you purchase The Let Go Package today, you will also be granted access to The Breakthrough Factor Online.

This 8 Module Audio Series includes a Breakthrough Factor Manual you can print out and study.

If you have not read the book, this online program will assist you to overcome your emotional barriers and break through to success.

If you have read the book, this online program will next-level your understanding on what it means and what it takes to truly break through.

Either way, The Breakthrough Factor Online (a $397 value) is included in The Let Go Package at no additional cost to you.

**(The Breakthrough Factor physical book not included)**

Your Investment When You Buy Today

As I outlined before, The Let Go Package includes over $1,345+ in value.

Now with The Breakthrough Factor Online, that value is up to over $1,741+ in value.

However, your investment when you buy today is much less than that.

How much less?

I could offer you half-off for this product at a price point of $871.

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I won't do either of these options - you deserve the best offer for these Assets for Success in 2022.

When you buy today you will receive The Let Go Package for only $397.
That's right, when you purchase The Let Go Package today, you will pay only one-fifth the price of what I normally charge.

Like I said before, these are challenging times.

I've faced many challenging periods over my career.

When I did, a product like this would have been a massive asset to me.

Which is why I am offering it to you today at this exceptional value.

Consider it my way of paying it forward.

Although I will not leave this offer up for long.

If you're still seeing this page, it means the sale is still active.

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Reminder: What You Will Receive When You Purchase The Let Go Package

When you purchase The Let Go Package today, you will receive over 80+ hours of my best content.

This includes:
Principles For Prosperity
8 Module Audio Series ($247 value)

Mindset Consciousness
8 Module Audio Series ($247 value)

Quantum Leap Thinking For Quantum Results
4 Module Audio Series ($167 value)

7 Figure Connecting Secrets
Audio Product ($97 value)

Jeffery Combs Inner Circle Coaching
9 pre-recorded LIVE Coaching Calls ($587 value)

The Breakthrough Factor Online
8 Module Audio Series +
Breakthrough Factor Manual
($397 value)
Total Value - $1,741
The Choice Is Yours
When you purchase The Let Go Package today, you will receive over 80+ hours of my best content.

As I mentioned earlier, we all have a choice.

You could take the comfortable route.

The route you've taken all your life so far.

The route of procrastination, overwhelm, anxiety, fear and doubt.

The route most of society will take because it seems easy.

They stay in their emotional addictions because they have a tolerance for them.

You don't have to be and stay in this space of not good enough.

You can choose another route.

A route that is not difficult, but new.

A route paved with bricks of discipline.

A route that leads you to your best version of you.

The version of you that you deserve to experience and the rest of the world deserves to connect with.

Which will you choose?

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