Jeffery Combs presents: Healing and Recovery from Narcissist Personalities

A Live event including top tier content from The Let Go Coach.
It's highly likely you've shared a roof with a narcissist.
Narcissists are everywhere in today's society. They could be your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, cousin, neighbor, or any multitude of situations.

If you're on this page, you likely were affected by a narcissist in your life. Perhaps your situation was one of the following.

You've been affected by narcissism if:
  • You grew up in a household where you were constantly criticized as not good enough
  • You were the "golden child" and your parents placed sky-high expectations on you
  • You married a man or woman who only considers their own needs and never yours
  • ​You have been in relationships where everything is your fault, no matter the situation
  • ​You find yourself in anxiety, fear, and doubt worried about the outcome that hasn't happened
You deserve to Let Go of the narcissistic trauma bonds you hold onto.
Many of the 17,000+ coaching clients I've coached for a total of over 70,000+ hours have experienced horrendous traumas from one or more of the narcissists in their lives.

They've been gaslit, guilted, shamed, lied to, criticized, dismissed, deflected, evaded, emotionally blackmailed, given the silent treatment, love bombed, and minimized.

Which is exactly why I decided to create this program.
Breathe and Release The Narcissist-Induced Scars from Your Past
After speaking almost every single weekend for multiple decades, I have not traveled to speak since March of 2020.

From then until now, I created a vision for this product called Healing and Recovery from Narcissist Personalities.

It includes some of my most dialed-in content from months of producing from the comfort of my own home.

Here is what you can expect from the class:
  • Top-Tier Content: I've collected over 24+ years of repetition and experience in assisting my clients with the narcissists in my life. I've distilled all of that expertise into this one product.
  • Live Zoom Calls: When you purchase this product, you will receive 4 30-minute Zoom calls with me Live. This is an opportunity I've never offered in my entire coaching career.
  • Recordings to Re-Watch: You will also receive the recordings of each session so you can re-watch and study over and over again to assist you in the Let Go process.
An Exceptional Syllabus of Content
These are the topics you will discover during each Zoom Session:
  • Zoom Session #1: Anatomy of a Narcissist
  • What is a Narcissist? Discover what constitutes a narcissist so you can spot them in your relationships.
  • ​Tuesday, October 25th, 6:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM EST
  • Recording Available Now!
  • Zoom Session #2: The Narcissist’s Arsenal
  • What Do Narcissists Do? These are the top 7 tools narcissists use in an attempt to exert control over people, places, and things.
  • ​Tuesday, November 8th, 6:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM EST
  • Zoom Session #3: The Effects of Narcissistic Abuse
  • ​How Has Narcissism Affected You? Why you do what you do as a result of narcissism directed at you.
  • ​Tuesday, November 22nd, 6:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM EST
  • Zoom Session #4: Life Beyond the Narcissist
  • What Can You Do About it Now? Letting Go of the past so you can change who and what you attract.
  • ​Tuesday, December 6th, 6:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM EST
Once you purchase this program, you will receive the full syllabus with a full breakdown of each session. So you can follow along with the content. You will also receive the recordings to rewatch or catch up should you miss a live session.
Invest in Your Healing and Recovery
Historically, one-on-one coaching has been the main avenue for assisting my clients to breakthrough.

Roughly, if you were to price out my services by the hour, I charge anywhere from $375 per hour to $230 per hour for my best value package.It's not that simple, but for demonstration purposes this is the approximate value for an hour of my time.
(If you are interested in one-on-one coaching, that is another conversation.
Please reach out to me via my website or Facebook page.)
This product includes 4 30-minute sessions that dive deep into how narcissism has affected you as a child and/or continues to affect you as an adult. Which is a total of 2 hours.

This means a price point between $750 and $460 would be more than fair. However, I am not going to charge you that much today. Not even the $460 'best value' price.

No, you won't even pay the equivalent of just one hour of my 'best value' price of $230. Or one half hour priced at $115.
2 Hours of Content for The Price of One Half Hour of Coaching
When you purchase your seat to Healing and Recovery from Narcissist Personalities today, you will receive 2 hours with me for less than what my full-time clients pay for one half hour.

Yes, this is a unique marketing proposition for 4 30-minute sessions at the price of only $97.

I've never offered something like this in my career, let alone at this exceptional value. I likely will never do something like this again.

If you feel this will assist you with scaling your consciousness, then I suggest you purchase this product right now. I am capping the class at 50 participants and we may hit that number any minute now.

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