Exceptional two day event in Stockton, CA to quantum leap your life and business.

WHEN: Friday and Saturday, December 15-16, 2023

WHERE: Stockton, CA (Stockton Hilton Hotel)
Stockton Hilton Hotel- 2323 Grand Canal Blvd Stockton, CA
(209) 957-9090

Jeffery Combs is back onstage after three successful Millionaire Blueprint Events starting in 2022.

Now, after another successful event in July and many client request for an additional live event this year, Jeff and his team have streamlined the event process and look forward to hosting you in December of 2023.

When you attend this next Millionaire Blueprint, you will find yourself among top-tier entrepreneurs, exceptional quantum healers, and courageous business leaders.



- Success/Addiction Coach for 25+ years

- Over 180,000 Hours of One-on-One coaching

- Author of 5 Best-Selling Books

- Over 18,000 Career Clients

- 35+ Years Clean & Sober

- Millionaire in 2 different businesses

After you arrive in Stockton, you will discover...

- The mindset and daily habits shared only between fellow millionaires (...until now!)

- How to let go of the trauma bonds and panic patterns you don't even realize keep showing up in your life over and over again

- How to let go of the brain fog you hold onto so you can make clear decisions in your business and in life

- How to master the mechanism of letting go, including live demonstrations of exactly how to breathe and release

- How to be and stay emotionally sober without the constant relapses of an addict in denial

- How to market yourself, prospect, and close all while staying in a very relaxed body

- The unwritten techniques involved in transcending levels of consciousness (this point alone is worth the investment of the entire event)

- How to change who and what you attract by understanding the Science of Attraction (no, not the "law of attraction" - this is much more effective)

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